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About Men's Shed Lichfield

A New Home

In August of 2023 Men's Shed Lichfield (MSL) moved to their new home at the Swinfen Broun Pavilion in Beacon Park, Lichfield. Please take a look at the Shed Meetings/Where to Find us page for more detail.

The move had been long anticipated and will allow Men's Shed Lichfield to expand it's offering and extend opening hours.

There is much work to be done to establish our brand new workshops.

For nearly two years MSL was based at Curborough Community Centre (CCC). The staff and Trustees of CCC have been instrumental in helping MSL to become established.

Registered Charity

Men's Shed Lichfield is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Registered Charity Number 1195026  
Peter Hollis

Peter Hollis


Hi. My name is Peter Hollis.  I would like to welcome you to Men's Shed Lichfield (MSL). Men's Shed Lichfield is open for business and welcoming new members. 

Many men find that life after retirement is blighted by isolation and loneliness. This can be just as true for those that have a life partner at home as much as it can for those that find themselves alone. The camerarderie of work can be sorely missed. Men's Sheds can really help.

If you want to know more about Men's Shed Lichfield please contact me via the Contact Us page.

What is Men's Shed Lichfield?

At its simplest, a place to share skills, learn new skills, pursue interests and whilst doing so to chat, laugh and form friendships. A community space for men to connect, converse and create. Our activities are similar to those of garden sheds or a workshop at the side of the house, but for groups of men to enjoy together. We help reduce loneliness and isolation, but most importantly, we have fun.  

We seek to have a well equipped workshop, space for other activities such as making music and somewhere to make a brew and to chat.

MSL is one of over 500 men's sheds in the UK so clearly the concept works.

What is great about MSL? The people; being involved; a shared space; working alongside like minded folk; get involved in practical tasks large and small to benefit community; learning new skills; passing on skills; banter, chat and friendship.

We are not limiting our thinking on the range of activities and facilities that may be included. Our only limits right now are legal and safe.

To see more about the Men's Shed organisation at a national level please visit

What's in a Name?

The name "Men's Shed" has an unintended gender implication. Unintended because Men's Shed Lichfield is not exclusively for men.

It is thought that men derive particular benefit from the social interaction that comes from working alongside other folk on practical tasks. This is a need we are seeking to address.

Men's Shed is perhaps also a handy terminology in that it describes a type of space and activity without being too specific. If the space and activity thus portrayed is for you, then come and try us out whatever your gender. 

A Recent Project

The Mercian Regimental Charity recently commissioned Men's Shed Lichfield to design and create bespoke coffee tables to house some of the Mercian Regiment's Drums. Being highly decorated the drums are a excellent items to have on display.

Hugh Sammons lead the project to design and make six tables. As can be seen in the pictures, the slim line frame and glass tops of the tables ensure that the drums, reflecting the heritage of the Mercian Regiment, are suitably displayed.

Woodturning in Progress

Woodturning in Progress